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The “Google Dance Syndrome” finally explained

May 19, 2006

Quite a good number of people and companies realize that, in order to obtain the best Google rankings early in their search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, it is important to take all the necessary steps before and carefully plan ahead. In respect to non-fee search engine submissions, Google happens to be one of the very few left


SEO’s seven most often asked questions

May 19, 2006

In this article, I have included the seven topics of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) I have been getting lately on search engine optimization. These seven most often-asked questions are filled with important information and what I recommend the most for achieving the best overall results in efficient brand management and increased return on investment

All you ever wanted to know about Meta Tags, but were afraid to ask

May 19, 2006

For the past two or three years, many search engines such as Google and a few others have given less and less attention, and in some cases, no attention at all to Meta Tags. The sole reason for this is simply because in the past, in the go-go days of the Internet, ie: before 2000, many web site owners and webmasters stuffed their meta tags with useless information, basically spamming the search engines.

IP checker Tool

May 18, 2006


Here is you can check IP address of any site. By using this tool you can avoid to link exchange with same IP site

Tyr this tool :…s-c-checker.php

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Link Popularity

May 18, 2006

Link Popularity increases page rank of also do directory submation,articles and press releases.these factors are very important for Page Rank.

Link Popularity is a vote that is given to a web page from another similar theme website with an anchor text  to drive traffic to your website, it is also an important factor when search engines like google rank websites for a particular keyword. 

Online Marketing – Linking Steps

May 18, 2006
I am wondering when seeing Microsoft writers writes about Link Building Strategies and Link Building Steps for Websites.Here are the steps you should follow when building links from the microsoft resouces:
 1. Set a goal.
 2. Make sure your site is worth a link.
 3. Determine the type of sites you want to trade links with.
 4. Get equipped to evaluate your link partners.
 5. Locate quality link partners.
 6. Organize your findings.
 7. Prepare for contact.
 8. Check for links.
 9. Follow up with the cream of the crop, and
10. Set a schedule.

How can I improve my site’s ranking?

May 18, 2006
From Google Words – " Sites' positions in our search results are determined automatically based on a number of factors, which are explained in more detail at We don't manually assign keywords to sites, nor do we manipulate the ranking of any site in our search results.

In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. For more information about improving your site's visibility in the Google search results, we recommend reviewing our webmaster guidelines. They outline core concepts for maintaining a Google-friendly website. ".
Source –

Conclusion – We can improve rank of our web sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to our pages.

SEO – All about Links

May 18, 2006
What is SEO? We call it, Search Engine Optimization – a process or method to gain higher positions on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN by searching the targeted keywords and phrases to increase online visitors, customers and inquiries to a particular website which is to be optimized for its web promotion, services offered by web development and search engine optimization companies.

Major Techniques and methods used in search engines optimization for a website are meta tags placement in website code, alternative tags (alt tags), directories submission which could be free or paid, link building or link popularity services which includes one-way links and link exchanging campaigns to increase the website popularity in search engines.

Now, let us elaborate these technique one by one –
1. Meta Tags Placement – these are the tags used to define website title, description and keywords to search engine spiders or crawlers for fast indexing in search engines which can be appear in organic listing on searching any keywords or key phrase for a website. Meta tags are basically used to show your keywords and phrases to the search engines and to online visitors that what services you are offering.

2. Directories Submission – submitting a site to free directories like dmoz and paid directories like yahoo directory which is the most important technique to raise your website up in search engines. There are thousand of free submission website and paid directories on internet. Directory submissions will make a website link popular by giving listing to that website in their directory category or categories. Like if you have submitted your website in 500 directories, then your website link is 500 times popular, if got listed. It means your website is being popular to the online visitors.

3. Link Popularity – the techniques includes one-way link service and link exchanging services. One way links are those link directed to your website on any other website which is not so easy to gain and helps in making more back links to a website. Second one is link exchanging which is a partnership between two websites. We can simply say it exchanging of links which is also good method to increase website back links. So, by both methods in link popularity services, we make our link listed on other website, means giving website links to get popular to online customers and visitors. There are so many websites that are looking for link exchange campaigns for the their websites and also buy one way links with web pages that have a higher Google page rank

Nowadays, Blogs and articles are also a good source in website promotion. We are saying search engine optimization process is website promotion. So, we have to understand what really website promotion is – promotion of website means promotion of your website link.

How can a visitor come to your website?
Simply by clicking your website link – what matters from where? No one can predict the customer.

Even from major search engines point of view, if you have higher no. of relevant links pointing to your website, then you can win on search engines with your targeting keywords and key phrases. That’s why it is concluded that its all about Links – your own website links which is to be popular to achieve ranking on search engine listing.